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Q: What number did Rodman wear before he came to the Bulls?
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Which Team was Shannon Brown on before he came to the Lakers?

Chicago Bulls

Where did pit bulls first come from?

Pit Bulls first came from England.

Where did pitbull breed came from?

the pitbull breed originally came from rome they used to fight bulls hence the name -pit bulls

Were do pit bulls come from?

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Where were pit bulls found at first?

they came from Ireland

What was Michael Jordan's number with the wizards?

Jordan wore #23 and #45- (when he came out of retirement) with the Bulls. He also wore #23with the Wizards.

What year did Michael Jordan join the Chicago bulls?

He was with the Bulls from 1984-1993 and then came back 1995-1998 for a last dance.

When did Michael Jordan come back to the Chicago Bulls?

He came back in 1996.

Who wore number 25 before giambi for the Yankees?

Randy Velarde wore number 25 in 2001 before Giambi came to the Yankees

Did the bulls when the world championship?

The Chicago Bulls, a professional sports franchise playing in the NBA, has won six championships in their history. The first three came in 1991, 1992, and 1993. The second trio came in 1996, 1997, and 1998.

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at the moment nobody, Rossum had it begin this season before crabtree came in

Why did Michael Jordan get 45 instead of 23 when he rejoined the Bulls?

When he retired the first time he also retired the number 23. So when he came back the number 23 was retired so he wore 45. Later he wore number 23 and paid a fine to wear it.

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maces came before swords but after lances

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Before 1802 most immigrants came from? and after 1802 most came from where?

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He went to Greece after 2007, but after 2008 he came back to the NBA and went to the Chicago Bulls.

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