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Q: What number did Michael Jordan wear at unc?
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Did Michael Jordan wear unc shorts under his Chicago jersey?

yes he wore his unc shorts under his Chicago shorts for good luck

What did Michael Jordan wear under his Chicago Bulls uniform for good luck?

a pair of his UNC shorts

What did Michael Jordan major in at UNC?


UNC players that play in the NBA?

Michael Jordan

Did Michael Jordan get a scholarship to play for UNC?


What number did Jordan where in college?

Jordan wore #23 at UNC.

How much is a original Michael Jordan unc jersey unsigned?

how much is a original michael Jordan 1984 usa jersey worth.

Michael Jordan's vertical?

48 inches was his highest recorded at UNC

Who was the basketball star for the UNC Tarheels and the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan

Where did Michael Jordan pledge omega?

Psi Delta Chapter (UNC)

Who are some famous people that graduated from UNC Charlotte?

Two of the famous people that graduated from UNC is Michael Jordan and Usher.

Active NBA players form unc?

Michael Jordan is about as active as they come

What school did Michael Jordan play for?

He played for the North Carolina Tarheals (UNC)

Who was Micheal Jordan's college roommate?

Michael Jordan's UNC Chapel Hill roommate was Buzz Peterson.

How many points did Michael Jordan score when he was playing UNC basketball?

he did 1.000 dunks

Where did Michael Jordan go to college at?

he went to college at UNC and played for the Tar Heels

Who is the unc mens basketball all time steals leader?

I think it's Michael Jordan.

Who played on the 1982 UNC championship team?

Michael Jordan, James Worthy, and Sam Perkins

When did Michael Jordan play collage basketball?

Before his NBA Career from 81-84 at UNC.

How far did Michael Jordan go in school?

he graduated fron UNC with a bachelors degree in geography

Who has the most NBA starters UNC or Duke?

The University of North Carolina, among the famous basketball players to succeed in the NBA one who attended UNC would be Michael Jordan

What was Michael Jordan's college team?

UNC Tar Heels (a.k.a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

What years did Michael Jordan play sports in college?

Michael Jordan played for North Carolina during the 1981, 1982, and 1983 seasons. He left UNC after his juinor year and entered the NBA draft.

Where did vince carter go to college?

He went to the University of North Carolina (also known as UNC). The same as Michael Jordan.

What years did Michael Jordan play at UNC?

1981-1984. he entered the nba draft in 1984 after his junior year.