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Q: What number did Michael Jordan retired?
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Is Michael Jordan's jersey number retired?


Is Michael Jordan's number retired?

yes it is retired throughout the NBA. That's why LeBron changed his number

What year was Micheal Jordan's number retired?

This is michael Torres and the year it was retired was Nov 15, 2009

How old was Michael Jordan when he retired?

He was 40 years old when he retired. Michael Jordan was born February 17, 1963 and retired at the end of the 2002-2003 season.

When did Michael Jordan retired from the bull?

yes, he had been retired

Is Michael Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls in 2011?

No, Michael Jordan retired in 1998.

Why did Michael Jordan number change from 23 to 45?

cause he retired then he came back

What happened to Michael Jordan?

he retired

Why did Michael Jordan come back after he retired?

Micheal Jordan retired because his father was shot while a group of teenagers tried to rob him not noticing that he was Michael Jordan's dad

Did Ron artest ever play with Michael Jordan?

no he did not play a game with Michael Jordan. Michael Retired in 1999 then came back again but with the wizards and officially Retired in 2001.

Michael Jordan was what number when he played for the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan was #23 with the Bulls.

Who is number 23 of the Chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan was.currently nobody.that jersey is retired and always will be.

What retired professional basketball player did not wear the number 13?

Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls

Who did Michael Jordan become after he retired?

he became an air jordan shoemaker

Did the NBA retire Michael Jordans number?

The number 23 has been retired in honor of Michael Jordan by the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat. While Jordan never played for the Heat, his number was honored by Miami by General Manager Pat Riley. The Washington Wizards, for whom Jordan played in 2001-2003, have unofficially retired his number and have not reissued it since Jordan wore it for his final game.

What did Michael Jordan do after he retired?

he enjoy his money

Why did michael jordan retired?

he's old

Can you get Michael Jordan in NBA jam?

no he is retired

How old was Michael Jordan when he finally retired?

He was 40 when he retired. He retired in the 2002 and 2003 season

What team is Michael Jordan on?

Michael Jordan is retired. He used to play for the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards.

What team does Michael Jordan play on now?


Who fired Michael Jordan?

No one fired Michael Jordan. He retired from playing basketball in the year 1998.

Michael Jordan is on the team Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan did play for the Chicago Bulls, but he retired in 1998.

What is the highest point in the country Jordan?

Michael Jordan's hair before he retired.

Why did Michael Jordan retire the second time?

Michael Jordan retired for the second time because he had a small penis