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Q: What number did Michael Irvin wear with the Dallas Cowboys?
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Who has worn number 73 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Michael irvin

On What team did Michael irvin play?

Dallas Cowboys

Who is the all time receiving leader in the nfl?

Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys

How old is Michael Irvin?

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin is 52 years old (birthdate: March 5, 1966).

Dallas Cowboys did they have any criminals?

Yes Dallas Cowboys have had more than a fair share of criminals...most famous include Adam Jones and Michael Irvin.

Which Dallas Cowboy holds the record for most receptions?

Michael Irvin holds that particular record for the Cowboys.

An athlete's last name beginning with the letter I?

Allan Iverson, Philadelphia 76er's Michael Irvin, Dallas Cowboys

Who was on the Dallas Cowboys 1999 team roster?

Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith were the stars on the 1999 Cowboys coached by Chan Gailey. Click on the '1999 Dallas Cowboys' link below to see the roster along with stats and games played.

Who are 5 Dallas Cowboys legends?

Tony Dorsett Michael Irvin Roger Staubach Randy White Bob Lilly

Who wore number 98 for the dallas cowboys?

Many players but most notably Drew Pearson and Michael Irvin. Now of course it is Dez Bryant.

Who was MVP in 1992 pro bowl?

Michael Irvin of the Dallas Cowboys was named MVP of the Pro Bowl played February 2, 1992.

When was Michael Irvin drafted by the Dallas Cowboys?

The brash wide receiver from the University of Miami was the Dallas Cowboys' first-round pick in the 1988 National Football League college draft. Irvin was selected with the 11th pick of the opening round.