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Q: What number did Lionel Messi have before he got 10?
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How many brothers does Lionel messi got?

2 - Rodrigo Messi and Matias Messi

Does Lionel messi got a big mouth?

No he's polite

When Lionel messi got a red card?

harder please

Who is the best in football 2011?

Lionel Messi got the player of the year award.

How yellow card has Lionel messi received since joining fc Barcelona?

How many yellow card got by messi

What high school did Lionel Messi go?

Lionel Messi attended school but it is not known where he went to high school. Lionel Messi is a footballer for the Barcelona football club.

Is Lionel Messi getting married?

Lionel Messi is infact getting married to a woman named Antonella. She is an Argentine like Lionel Messi and their families knew each other and Messi is happy with Antonella.

Is Lionel Messi single?

No he was single then he got a girlfriend and then they broke up so now He is single.

How old was messi when he got drafted to soccer?

Lionel messi was 13 years when he joint barcelona. but was 17 years when he played his first game.

Is Lionel messi the best football player in the world?

one of them, definitely, but ronaldo has got the same ability

What happened after Lionel Messi after he got sick with Hormone Diifenicy?

He became da best soccer player ever! Lol

Who has got more club goals Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

c.ronaldo has scored more goals than messi.c.ronaldo's career has been magnificent and inspiring to others to and has been know best and entertaining player in football history.c.ronaldo has overall scored 10,846 goals in his whole career and messi 3425 goals in barcelonaonly