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he use to wear number 8 then switched to 24

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Q: What number did Kobe Bryant wear in his rookie season?
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When was Kobe Bryant's rookie season?

1996-1997 was Kobe Bryant's rookie season.

What postseason award did Kobe Bryant receive at the end of his rookie season 96-97?

All NBA Rookie 2nd Team

What other Laker rookie joined Kobe Bryant on the All NBA Rookie 2nd team in the 1996-97 season?

Travis Knight

How old was Kobe Bryant as a rookie?


How Many rookie cards does Kobe Bryant have?

1 in 1996

What team knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs during Kobe Bryant's rookie season?

The Phoenix Suns

Was chris bosh a rookie when Kobe Bryant scored 81 points?


What is the value of a Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant rookie card?

about $1,700

Kobe Bryant switched from 8 to what number at the beginning of the 06-07 season?


Whem was Kobe rookie season?


How much money did Kobe Bryant make is rookie year?

24 million

What number does Kobe Bryant wear?

Kobe Bryant is number 24 on the Los Angeles Lakers.