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Jay Novecek wore No. 84.

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Q: What number did Jay Novacek wear for the cardinals?
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What number did Jay Novacek wear for the Cowboys?


What team did Jay Novacek play for prior to Dallas?


What is the birth name of Jay Novacek?

Jay Novacek's birth name is Jay McKinley Novacek.

What is Jay Novacek's birthday?

Jay Novacek was born on October 24, 1962.

When was Jay Novacek born?

Jay Novacek was born on October 24, 1962.

Who did jay novacek play for before the cowboys?

According to, Jay Novacek was drafted by St. Louis in the 6th round of the 1985 draft, and was a Cardinal through the 1989 season. He then was a Cowboy from 1990 through 1995.

How old is Jay Novacek?

Jay Novacek is 48 years old (birthdate: October 24, 1962).

Name of tight-end who came to Dallas from the Cardinals?

Jay Novacek played for the Cardinals from 1985-1989. He signed with the Cowboys as a free agent and played with them from 1990-1995.

What is Jay Feely's number on the Arizona Cardinals?

Jay Feely is number 4 on the Arizona Cardinals.

Who was the tight end for the 93 cowboys?

Jay Novacek.

What is Jon Jay's number on the St. Louis Cardinals?

Jon Jay is number 19 on the St. Louis Cardinals.

Who was tight end when emmitt smith played?

Jay Novacek