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Q: What number did Gerald Henderson wear at Duke?
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Who wore 15 at duke basketball?

Gerald Henderson Jr. used to wear the number 15 for duke. He was drafted overall number 12 pick for the charlotte bobcats in 2009. He skipped his senior year to enter the nba draft

What shirt number does Henderson wear for Liverpool?

He wore the famous number 7.

What number did Jordan Henderson wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Jordan Henderson wore jersey number 14 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

What jersey number did Demarcus nelson wear for duke?


What number did snider wear while he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers?

duke snider was number 4

What number does duke basketball player Ryan Kelly wear on his jersey?


Who was the last player prior to Bagwell to wear number 5?

Outfielder Steve Henderson in 1988.

What number does Jordan Henderson wear at Liverpool?

He wears number 9 for Liverpool. He also wears this number for Spain.

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What are some traditions at duke?

duke wear your jersey day

What are some traditions at Duke University?

duke wear your jersey day

Does david duke wear a wig?