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Q: What number did Brady Quinn wear at Notre Dame?
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What Cleveland Browns quarterback was from Notre Dame?

Brady Quinn was from Notre Dame.

What college did Brady Quinn go to?

Notre dame

Who was Notre Dame Quarterback in 2006?

Brady Quinn.

What players in sports history wore the number 10?

Brady Quinn wore 10 at Notre Dame when he was quarterback there.

Who won the Maxwell Award in 2006?

2006 Brady Quinn Notre Dame

What religion is Brady Quinn?

I assume he is catholic as he went to Notre Dame. Brady Quinn is Methodist.

Did Brady Quinn Make A BCS Bowl When Playing In College?

No, Notre Dame never made it when he was there.

Who won the Sammy Baugh Trophy in 2005?

In 2005, Brady Quinn of Notre Dame won the Sammy Baugh Trophy.

Who is notre dame all time passing leader?


Where did Brady Quinn go to college?

he was home schooled

What was Wally Kleine's jersey number while at Notre Dame?

Wally's number at Notre Dame was 96 and at Washington it was 79

What number did george gipp wear at notre dame?

George Gipp wore the number 66 while he played at Notre Dame.