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Mike Ditka had 2 different numbers during his time in Philadelphia, in 1967 his jersey was #98. In 1968 his jersey number was #89.

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Mike Ditka wore #89 with the Bears.

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Q: What number did Bears all-pro tight end Mike Ditka wear?
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What position did mike ditka play?

Mike Ditka was a tight end for the Bears, Eagles, and Cowboys between 1961-1972.

What NFL tight ends became NFL coaches?

I can think of only one, Mike Ditka, who was a tight end with the bears and cowboys. He then coached the Bears to there only superbowl win in the 1985 season.

What position did mike ditka play for the Chicago Bears?

Mike Tomlin was a wide receiver/tight end at the College of William and Mary.

What player wore 99 jersey for Chicago Bears?

While the number is still in use, currently by PK Robbie Gould, the most notable to where the number was "the Punky QB" Jim McMahon. The only Bears quarterback to win the Super Bowl

Mike ditka played for teams?

Yes!In his career as a Tight End,he played for the Chicago Bears,Philedelphia Eagles,and the Dallas Cowboys.He also coached for the New Orleans Saints and Chicago Bears.

What teams did mike ditka play for?

During his Hall of Fame career, tight end Mike Ditka played for the Chicago Bears (1961-1966), the Philadelphia Eagles (1967-1968) and the Dallas Cowboys (1969-1972).

What was Mike Ditka's number when he played for the Chicago Bears?

After he retired as a tight end for the Dallas Cowboys in 1972, Mike Ditka was one of Tom Landry's assistant coaches from 1973 to 1981. He left in 1982 to become the head coach of the Chicago Bears. One of Ditka's great contributions as a Cowboys coach was suggesting in 1975 the revival of the shotgun formation, in which the quarterback takes a snap from center several yards behind the line of scrimmage. The Cowboys used the shotgun formation primarily in third down situations, and it enabled quarterback Roger Staubach to better recognize defensive moves. The Cowboys' modified shotgun formation quickly gained popularity among the other National Football League teams, and it is currently used throughout the league.

What position does Greg olson player number 82 for the Chicago Bears play?

He plays tight end for the bears

Mike ditka was the first philadelphia eagle to do what?

Catch a touchdown pass by a tight end

Was mike ditka a cowboys champion?

Yes. He won in Superbowl VI as a Cowboys tight end.

When did mike ditka win the Super Bowl with the dallas cowboys?

Ditka was a tight end for the Cowboys when they won Super Bowl VI and served as an assistant coach when they won Super Bowl XII.

What former Bear played tight end on the Super Bowl VI winning Cowboy team?

Mike Ditka