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American football

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Q: What north American field sport has the most rules?
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What sport has the most players on the field?

Australian Rules Football

Which north American sport was the most valuable in 2010?

The most valued north American sport of 2010 is football.

What sport uses a field goal?

American football

Name a sport that is played on a field?

American football, baseball, soccer, field hockey

What sport has short corners and long corners as part of it's rules?

Field Hockey

Why is American football often called the gridiron sport?

A gridiron has parallel bars or beams. The American football field has parallel lines on the field.

What is lacrosse a cross of?

La Cross is not a cross of any sport its the oldest North American sport ...

What does NASSM stand for?

North American Society for Sport Management.

What is the oldest sport in the US?

Lacrosse is considered to be Americas first sport, brought by the North American Indians

Which American sport game is played in a stadium from another American sport game?

Soccer and football are both played on the same field, at least in high school. Also there is a certain college that has a football field on top of their baseball field. Also I think Football and Rugby are played on the same field

What were the rules of native American lacrosse?

The was not a particular set of rules for the game. It wasn't until Europeans took an interest in the sport that official rules were drawn up. For more information into the background of the sport read the book "Lacrosse" by Donald Fisher.

What American sport has most fans?

If you mean America as in North and South America, then the sport would be soccer. If you mean America as in North America, then the sport would still be soccer. If you mean America as in the United States of America, then football (American Football) would be the answer.

What is the most famous sport in Brazil?

AnswerFootball (soccer to a North American) is by far the most popular and most famous sport in Brazil.

Main rules of football?

American football is a full contact sport that is divided into four 15 minute quarters, with three time outs per half. Each team is only allowed to have 11 players on the field at a time and has four chances to move 10 yards on the field.

Sport sponsors have a right to have a say in the rules of the sport?


What sport has the biggest sports field?

A field for the horse sport called polo.

Why is there capioncips in field hockey?

field hockey is an indoor sport and a outdoor sport

What are the rules of the sport skeleton?

wll the rules are you cant get.

What sport would be best to use your quadriceps?

The quadriceps is one of the large muscles in your thigh, so any sport that involves a lot of running would be good for using your quadriceps. Examples would include track and field events, football (soccer or American football or Aussie Rules), rugby, etc.

Is hockey a field sport?

Field hockey is a field sport, but both indoor and ice hockey are rink sports.

What was the first sport invented by an African-American?

ToccerThe first sport known to be invented by a black person in America is the sport of "toccer." Toccer was invented by Ron Bronson in 2004.Toccer is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and is the first racquet played on a field, rather than a court.It is the first field sport in the United States invented by an African-American.Here is more info from others:In fact, it was an African-American cowboy named Bill Pickett who, while working cattle on a central Texas ranch in 1903, invented the sport of "bulldogging," where a cowboy leaps from his horse to take the "bull by the horns" and force it to the ground. He became the first African-American cowboy inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.Toccer is the first field sport invented by an American black person. He also invented the sport of viperball, which is a indoor full contact version of the sport.After playing the game informally, the counselor, named Ron Bronson, Jr., wrote the sport's rules and the game spread. Toccer is the first known field sport to be invented by an African-American. The sport later spawned the development of a new sport called Viperball.The game was first played at Camp Awosting, on Bantam Lake near Morris, Connecticut, the oldest private summer camp in continuous operation in the United States. The game was created by a tennis counselor who wanted to play during rain or shine, but using tennis racquets and a tennis ball.

The song Up There Cazaly Highlights which sport?


Which sport is the fasted field sport?


Is there a sport without rules?

No, or else it would not be considered a sport.

How do you play Spain sports?

You play Spain sports almost like you play American sports there is just a few different rules you will just have to learn wat the rules of the sport is.