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Q: What nicknames have been given to football linemen?
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Do football linemen get hurt?

Knee injuries are highest because its easy for other linemen to fall on them, Acheilles injuries might happen, then some d-linmen are know to have elbow injuries

What nickname has been given to Deco for the way he controls a football game?

"Magico" and "SuperDeco"

What position in football is SE short for?

A player position on offense. A receiver who lines up on the line of scrimmage, several yards outside the offensive linemen. The term is no longer used in American Football, having been long since replaced by the wide receiver or wideout, with no distinction between whether the receiver is on the line or not.

What determines a FOOTBALL PLAYERS JERSEY number?

In the NFL, numbers are assigned by what position the player plays: 1-19: Quarterbacks, kickers, wide receivers, and punters. 20-49: Running backs, tight ends, cornerbacks and safeties. 50-59: Linebackers and offensive linemen. 60-79: Offensive linemen and defensive linemen. 80-89: Wide receivers and tight ends. 90-99: Linebackers and defensive linemen. Additionally, a jersey with #50-79 is usually an ineligible receiver (unless the officials have been notified; this must be done before the huddle on that play), and this helps the officials know who is/isn't allowed to catch a forward pass.

How many football are on the field during a play in 1965?

The number of players on any given play is eleven. That has been the rule since 1880. The number of footballs on the field during any given play is one. That has always been the rule.

How long has football bin around?

football has been around since 1885. so to out how football has been around for subtract 2009 from 1885 and you get 215. so football has been around for two hundred and fifteenth years

Is David Beckhams current club ac Milan?

No David Beckham has been a L.A, Galaxy footballer. He was given on loan to A.C. Milan to polish his football in Italy.

What are the names of the 1990 west carteret high school football team?

The football team of the West Carteret high school are called the West Carteret foot ball players. The team has been given the nick name, the Patriots since 1990's.

Nicknames that havent been used on nicks website?


Why Al-Ahly football club of Egypt is the club of century in Africa?

The Egyptian football club Al Ahly is been given the title Club of the century in Africa. As this club has won most trophies and cups and more titles then any other club in Africa.

Who owns the Jules Rimet trophy?

Technically the Brazilian Football Association own it, it was given to them in 1970 after they won their third World Cup. However, it was stolen in 1983 and has never been found.

Has there ever been a UK professional football match without a corner given during the entire match?

Yes, Wigan 0-6 Chelsea in August 2010. Not a single corner