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Q: What nhl 8th seed team to win Stanley cup?
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How many number eight seeds have won the Stanley cup?

0. The closest 8th seed team to win the Stanley Cup was the 2007 Edmonton Oilers who lost against the Carolina Hurricanes in 7 games.

What is the worst seed ever to win a Stanley cup?

2012 Los Angeles Kings - 8th seed in Western Conference

What was the lowest seeded team to win the Stanley Cup?

The 2011 Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup as a last place #8 seed

What NHL eighth seed has won a Stanley Cup?

None. The only 8th place team to ever make it to the finals were the 2005-06 Edmonton Oilers but they lost in 7 games to the Carolina Hurricanes. Besides that, there have been two other teams who were last place but not in 8th place (this is before there were 8 teams in a conference). The 1948-49 Maple Leafs (22-25-13) were the last 'worst' seed to win the Stanley Cup. The 1937-38 Blackhawks (14-25-9) are the only other 'worst' seed to win the Cup. In fact by there record, they are the worst team to have won the Stanley Cup.

How does a team qualify to play in the Stanley cup playoffs?

If they end the regular season in 8th or higher in their conference.

What team is the lowest seed to win the Stanley cup?

The 1995 New Jersey Devils swept the Detroit Red Wings as a 5 seed to win the cup. *season was shortened because of a lockout.

How many number 8 seed teams have won the Stanley Cup?

NONE. Edmonton was 8th seed when they lost to the hurricanes in the finals ut no 8th seed ever won it The Los Angeles Kings beat the New Jersey Devils in the finals of 2012.

How long does a team keep the Stanley cup?

1 day to keep the stanley cup

What first American team competed for the Stanley cup?

The first american team to compete for the Stanley cup was the Portland Rosebuds

What 7th seed won the Stanley cup?

Carolina Hurricanes

When was the last time an 8 seed played a 6 seed in the Stanley cup playoffs?

Does anyone know when was the last time a 6 seed played an 8 seed in the Stanley Cup Finals.......?? Let me know at Thanks.

What hockey team has won the Stanley Cup?

This year, the Detroit Redwings have won the Stanley cup.

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