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Q: What nhl 8th seed team to win Stanley cup?
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What is the worst seed ever to win a Stanley cup?

2012 Los Angeles Kings - 8th seed in Western Conference

What was the lowest seeded team to win the Stanley Cup?

The 2011 Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup as a last place #8 seed

What NHL 8th seed has won a Stanley Cup?

The 2011-2012 L.A. kings won the cup as an 8th seed. Beating the 1, 2 and 3 seeds in the west. Then the reigning champs, N.J. devils. The kings took a 3 games to none lead in each series, and setting a record with 10 straight road wins.

Stanley cup finals location?

of the seven game series, 4 are in the higher seeded team's arena while the other three are at the lower seeded team's arena Game 1 and 2- Higher seed Game 3 and 4- Lower Seed Game 5* - Higher seed Game 6*- lower seed Game 7*- Higher seed *- If necessary

Has a seven seed ever won the Stanley cup?

No,the highest seed to win was a five seed 2 times, the Devils in '96 and islanders in '80. The '12 finals result will give us either a 6th or 8th seed depending on who wins.

What first American team competed for the Stanley cup?

The first american team to compete for the Stanley cup was the Portland Rosebuds

What 7th seed won the Stanley cup?

Carolina Hurricanes

Who is the current holder of the Stanley cup?

As of 2009 the Stanley Cup holder team are the Pittsburgh Penguins.

How many times has an eight seed won the Stanley Cup?


Name of trophy that is awarded to the NHL's championship team at the end of playoffs?

The Stanley Cup.

What is a Stanley Cup ring?

A championship ring given to the players and staff of the Stanley Cup winning team.

Witch team won the Stanley cup the most?

The Montreal Canadiens, with 24 Stanley cup victories.