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According to the nfl the San Diego Chargers have the best defense.

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Q: What nfl team has the number 1 defense for 2010?
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What NFL team has the best defense for the 2010 season?


What NFL team has the number two defense?

Baltimore ravens losers of the AFC championshitp to the #1 defense Pittsburgh

What NFL team has been number one defense the most times?

Chicago bears

What NFL team has the Number 1 defense?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have the Numbe 1 Defense in the NFL so far this year (2008). They are ranked number 1 against the Rush, Number 1 against the Pass, #1 in Total Defense and #1 in Scoring Defense. A feat that has not been done since the merger.

Number of eagles picks in 2010?

1 there is 1 for every nfl team

What NFL team has the Number 1 defense 2009?

The New York Jets defense allowed the fewest total yards (4037) and points (236) in the 2009 season.

What is the best NFL team of 2010?

There are many good teams, but I think the best team is the New York Giants. They have a good defense and they can run and pass the ball. They also can matchup with every team in the NFL. New England Patriots-- all the way.

What defense do the indyapolis coilts run?

which nfl team runs a 4 3 defense

Who has the best defense in the NFL in 2010?

probably the steelers.

What nfl team has the best defense?

For the 2009-2010 season it was the Pittsburgh Steelers in terms of points, and the the San Diego Chargers in terms of yards allowed.

What team has the best defense in the NFL in 2009?

the best team so far are the viking

What is an eagle's defense?

there is a team in the nfl called the Phildelphia eagles

What NFL team has the strongest pass defense?

The Pittsburgh Steelers. No question about it!

Which nfl team has best pass defense in 2011?

The Pittsburgh Steelers

Who has the number defense in 2011 in the NFL?

Tennessee Titans

Who has the 1 Defense in 2008 NFL?


What NFL team has the best all time defense?

1985 Chicago bears

What happens after a safety is made in the nfl?

The team that was on defense gets 2 points and the team that was on offense has to kickoff the ball to the other team.

What NFL team featured the No Name defense?

The San francisco 49ers in the 1980s era

Will any NFL team change uniforms in 2010?


What NFL team has to travel the most in 2010?

the 49ers

Which nfl team has the most turnovers in 2010?


Number of plays per team NFL?

There are 11 players per team on the NFL.

What nfl players wear number 8?

the great Sam Bradford of the st. Louis rams (2010 NFC west 1st place team(as of December 5 2010))

Which team has the 4th pick in this year's NFL Draft?

In the 2010 NFL Draft, that is the Washington Redskins.