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Auburn, Brown, Navy, Bowling Green and Siena.

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Q: What ncaa division 1 schools are also names of a color?
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How many NCAA division 1 AA schools are there with baseball teams?

There are 238 Division 1 AA schools that have baseball teams. Also known as Division 2, these schools tend to be smaller than Division 1 schools.

How many ncaaa basketball schools are there?

There are around 1000 NCAA basketball schools in total, with 351 schools in 32 Division I basketball conferences. There are also other divisions, but only Division I gets shown on TV, and contains most of the players that go into the NBA.

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It is also known as karyokinesis(karyo=nucleus,kinesis=division).

What are some of the names of cooking schools?

The Culinary Institute of America, also known as CIA.

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Below, click on the link to a list of elementary schools in Veracruz (the port), Mexico. There's also a link to the cities and towns in Veracruz State with elementary schools. Click on the city names and see the names of schools in the different towns.

What are the names of all Ohio Division 1 schools?

Akron, Ohio, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Toledo, Bowling Green State, Miami, Youngstown State, Dayton, Cleveland State, and Kent State. Also- Xavier , and Wright State

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Mary MacKillop attended private schools, and was also educated by her father. The names of the schools are undocumented. She was beatified in 1995.

Why do most schools use blue color uniforms?

well blue is a very popular color over all. So many schools use it because of that reason... also it gets people in a jumpy mood.

What are the names of each basketball conference?

I'm assuming we're talking about the National Basketball Association here. I could list the names of the NCAA conferences as well, but that would take a little longer than I want to spend. Also, the names of the Conferences is pretty easy: Eastern Conference and Western Conference. For the sake of completeness, I'm assuming that the question refers to the names of the Divisions within those Conferences. The NBA is arranged as follows: EASTERN CONFERENCE - Atlantic Division, Central Division, Southeast Division WESTERN CONFERENCE - Northwest Division, Pacific Division, Southwest Division

How did cats get their names?

Cat names may come from the color of their fur to their body size or personality. Cat names can also tell us a lot about their owners too.

What is the smallest number of students that a school with Division 1 sports can have?

A college or university's ability to compete in division 1 athletics does to depend on size but number of varsity sports offered. These schools must field 7 women's teams and 7 men's teams (or 8 women's and 6 men's), and at least two of these for females and males must be team sports. It goes to reason that larger schools with larger budgets dominate division 1 but there are many small schools that also compete in this "upper" division.

What 4 College names is also a color?

Navy, Brown, Auburn, Bowling Green, Siena

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