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Kansas City/Sacramento Kings - 15

(1983-1997 seasons)

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The team with the most consecutive losses was the Vancouver grizzlies with 23.

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Q: What nba team has most consecutive losses?
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What NBA team holds the record for the most consecutive playoff losses?

the new york knickerbockers, with 13

What team has most consecutive losses in NBA history?

The Vancover Grizzles lost 23 in a row in the 1996 NBA season. The worst start in NBA history goes to the 2009 New Jersey Nets who started off 0-17. The worst record in NBA history goes to the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who finished 9-73. In the 2010-2011 season, the new record goes to the Cleveland Cavaliers with 25 consecutive losses in a row. ( 8-40) The most consecutive losses in NBA history.

Most consecutive home wins by an NBA team?


What is the NBA Record for consecutive loses during a season?

The NBA record for consecutive losses in a season is 23 held by the 1996 Vancouver Grizzlies.

What nba team has had most consecutive seasons with a winning road record?

I believe the answer is the San Antonio Spurs.

What is the most NBA Championships an NBA team has won in a row?

The Boston Celtics' streak of 8 consecutive NBA championships is the longest streak of consecutive championships in U.S. professional sports history

Most NBA finals appearance by NBA team?

The record for most appearances by a NBA franchise is 30 by the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers (15 wins - 15 losses).

What NBA team has the most consecutive games with a made 3 point basket?

Detroit Lions

Which nba team has had the most consecutive championship wins?

The Chicago Bulls hold the record for most consecutive home court wins by a team in the NBA. The 1995-96 squad had a 44 game home winning streak.

What is the most consecutive home game sellouts by a professional sports team?

The Boston Red Sox have sold out the most consecutive games in MLB history while the Portland Trailblazers have sold out the most consecutive home games in the NBA (and in North America for any sport).

What NBA team has lost the most games in a season?

The most losses by a team in NBA history was by the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who had a regular season record of 9-73.

Which sports team has won the most championships?

As far as I know the Boston Celtics with 8 consecutive nba championships as well as 11 nba championships within same 13 year period.