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Q: What nba team does rashard Lewis play for?
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What is Rashard Lewis's team number?

Rashard Lewis wear the number 9 for his NBA team the Miami Heat. He has been an NBA all star two times and previously played for the Washington Wizards.

How much does Rashard Lewis weigh?

NBA player Rashard Lewis weighs 235 pounds.

How much money does Rashard Lewis make?

NBA player Rashard Lewis made $1399507 in the 2013-2014 season.

In what year was Rashard Lewis drafted?

Rashard Lewis was selected as the third pick in the second round of the 1998 NBA Draft, by the Seattle SuperSonics.

Who is made the most 3 pointers in a NBA season who's taller then 6'10?

Rashard Lewis

Nba player largest salary 2009-2010?

Rashard Lewis of the Orlando Magic 5-years/108 million

Is this NBA fantasy team good CP3 Baron Davis Kobe Bryant J Rich King James Paul Pierce Josh Smith Dirk Rashard Lewis Amar'e Stoudemire Marcus Camby Superman. If not who do i need to trade for who?

Very good. But trade josh smith and rashard Lewis and paul pierce for Tracy mccrady and Allen iverson

Who is making the most money in the NBA?

its kobe who has about 25 mill and a surprising close contendor Rashard Lewis in washington has about 22.5 mill on his contract

Do you play as a team in nba 2k9 team play?


Who is left to play which team?


Has an nba team ever played an ncaa team?

no but i would like to see ncaa power house play an nba team

How many NBA games do a NBA team play?

In the NBA, no team will play three games back-to-back-to-back, however they will play 2 consecutive games, get one day off (usually a team practice day) and then play two more games back-to-back.