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for college Indiana state and for nba Boston Celtics

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Q: What nba team did Larry bird coach?
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Does Larry bird own a NBA team?

Larry Bird does own the Celtics

Who is the only coach to coach a team to a NCAA title and NBA title?

Larry Brown

How much is Larry joe bird worth?

Retired NBA player and coach, Larry Bird, is worth an estimated $45 million. Bird was drafted by the Boston Celtics in 1978. As of September 2014, he is the team President of the Indiana Pacers.

Does Larry Bird Own The Indiana Pacers?

Larry Bird was named the NBA Coach of the Year for the 1997-1998 season, becoming the only person in NBA history to have won both the MVP and Coach of the Year awards.

What is the Larry Bird exemption?

The Larry Bird exemption is the the exemption given to an NBA team to exceed their Salary Cap in order to accomodate the increase of salary of a superstar player, which will be determined by the NBA

In the 2000-01 season which NBA team had coach Larry Brown sitting on their bench?


How may championships does Larry bird have?

Larry Bird from Indiana has 28 NBA Titles.

How many times did Larry bird go to the nba finals?

Larry Bird went to the NBA finals 3 times I think.

Which Boston team leader won NBA's 1985-86 Most Valuable Player Award?

Larry bird

How many NBA teams has Larry brown coach?


Who is the best in the nba back than?

larry bird

Who was the first to dunk a ball in the nba?

Larry bird