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Brazil is the only country that has qualified to all world cups.

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Q: What nation qualified for all 16 world cups?
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What country qualified in all FIFA World Cups?


Name the country which has played all world cups?

Brazil is the only country that has qualified for every FIFA World Cup.

WHAT nation to qualify for all 16 soccer World Cups in the 20th century?

The South American giants Brazil are the only country to qualify for the 16 world cups that were ever held.

Did Ireland take part in the world cup?

Ireland takes part in qualification for all FIFA World Cups. They have successfully qualified for the 1990, 1994 and 2002 FIFA World Cup finals tournaments.

Nation to qualify for all 16 soccer World Cups in the 20th century?

Only the south American giants Brazil have done it.

Which country has participated to all football world cups?

The only country to play in all world cups is Brazil.

How many countries has participated in all world cups?

The only country that has participated in ALL of the world cups is Brazil.

Which is the only nation to have qualified in all football world cup torunamnets so far?

In any world cup Association Football tournament the host country are automatically put through to the finals making them the first to qualify.

International football Teams that have qualified for all world and European cups competitions?

Derry City, West Bromwich Albion and Manchester United! Less winnings are actually loads of winnings so ha!

Which team participated in all world cups?


Fact about Brazil in the World Cup?

They won the most world cups. With five titles. They are the only futbol team to qualify for all world cups.

Which country has won the most world cups how many have they got?

Brazil have won the most world cups, they have won 5 in all.

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