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A paid athlete is consider a professional athlete.

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Q: What name is given to a person who paid to take part in sports?
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Highest paid sportsperson in 2005?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the most richest sports person in the world. The is the sports person for boxing.

Who is highly paid as a sports person in F1?

Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari

Who is the highly paid sports person in India?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Name one way a sports agency can be paid?


What is the name of people who get paid to play sports?

athletic players

Who is the hiest paid sports person in Fiji?

Vijay Singh/pro golfer

What has sports given back to you?

Sports have made me who I am today. I can not picture what life would be without sports. I have been an athletic kid ever since I was a little boy in 1st graded.

How much does a sports person get paid?

depends on what sport and the ability of the player, a proffessional footballer gets paid from 30,000 to 200,000 per game

Who is the highest paid sports person?

David Beckham La galaxy £24.1 million

Who was paid more for 'The Forbidden Kingdom' Jet Li or Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan and Jet Li were both given equal billing for the movie which means that they were paid the same. Anytime you look at a movie poster the person whose name is at the top or is the biggest is the highest paid.

Who is the most paid sports person in the world?

LeBron James is the highest paid though he is not the richest, there are several richer sports men who earned their money through competition winnings as apose to weekly salary

What the name for a person who is paid to represent an interest group?

A lobbyist