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Foot. In order to make a legal shot and not foul, one foot must remain on the floor. There is no limit to how much of the foot, but some portion of the player's foot must be on the floor when a shot is made or it is a foul.

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Q: What must remain on the floor in pocket billiards?
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What are pool cue lengths?

For pocket billiards, there is no maximum length but cues must be at least 40 inches in length. Most cues are 57 and 58 inches.

Does a billiards cue have to be straight to be legal?

The Billiards Congress of America has no specifications on how straight a cue must be.

What is the weight and size of a billiard ball?

For pocket billiards under BCA and APA rules, each must be 5 1/2 to 6 ounces and 2 1/4 inches in diameter.

What is the weight of cue ball in billiards?

If you're referring to English Billiards, then the rules don't specify the weight. The rules do, however, specify that the heaviest of the balls must not be more than 0.5g heavier than the lightest in the set. (The tolerance for a set of snooker balls is 3g per set). For US pocket billiards, BCA rules require that the balls are 5 1/2 to 6 ounces.

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What is the difference between snooker and billiards game?

Snooker covers only one game, billiards covers English Billiards and pocket billiards. The rules of play, equipment, and how to win or lose are entirey different for all three. They cannot be compared as "differences" they must simply each be defined. English Billiards uses 3 balls and has a few different ways to play. Snooker uses 22 balls and is fairly straightforward for rules of play. Pocket Billiards covers at least 4 different popular games, each having a different goal to result in a win. Each of these uses a cue and the player uses it to hit a cue ball which then has to hit other balls as a part of the game. Knowledge of any one of these adapts the player to be able to quickly learn the differences for any of the others - but, strategy is different for each type of game.

What are the basic rules of pool table billiards?

There are several general rule's one must follow when playing billiards. These rules pertain to the topics of players, equipment, fouls, and game play. To find a full list of general billiards rules, go online to Generation Pool.

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