What must a diver do to resurface?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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This question is a little vague. To answer in the simplest terms...swim to the surface at a rate of no more than one foot per second. After long dives or deep depths, divers should make a safety stop for several minutes before finally breaking the surface to be certain that the necessary amount of excess nitrogen has been expelled from the body.

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you just kick up, its basically like swimming but you go up instead of froward

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Q: What must a diver do to resurface?
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How does a diver resurface?

Many divers resurface by exhaling. They can also resurface by swimming back to the surface of the water when they are ready.

Why is it important for a deep sea diver to resurface at a gradual rate?

because bubbles of nitrogen that are abosrbed into the blood at high pressures but are normally insoluble start being released from the blood as the diver rises. If this happens to quickly bubbles in the blood form and the diver gets the bends

How much to resurface rotors?

You can have your brake rotors resurface for approximately $20. The brake rotor thickness must meet minimum standards, in order for them to be resurfaced.

What helps a diver breath?

Divers wear tanks full of oxygen to help them breathe while they are under water. When the tanks start to get empty, they resurface.

How do you use resurface in a sentence?

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What natural elements must a scuba diver overcome when diving?

they must come over the pressure

How old do you have to be to be a junior scuba diver?

You must be at least 10 years old to enroll in a PADI junior open water diver course.

Which of the two main components of air must be in a diver's tank?

Dissolved nitrogen and nitrogen narcosis

How far must a vessel stay away from a displayed diver down flag?

50 ft

Why does a diver change his body position before and after diving in the pool?

Hence the diver must spin faster when moment of inertia become smaller to conserve angular momentum. In this way the diver can make more somersaults before entering the water. Related To Chapter CIRCULAR MOTION

Can you resurface a marbelite pool surface with another marbelite surface?

NO NO !! You must remove the vinyl completely and then check what substrate you have. Concrete plaster or brick will be fine.

How far must you stay away from a vessel when a diver down flag is visible in Oklahoma?

100 feet