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Q: What musician was awarded the 1st gold record?
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What color of medals are awarded for first second and third place?

for 1st, gold. 2nd, silver. 3rd, bronze

As the Jamaican's 100m final women was placed 1st-gold 2nd silver 3rd silver will they have to run it again?

No, the results are final. Two silver medals were awarded and no bronze medal was awarded.

Who won gold medal in 1984 on beam?

Simona Păuca and Ecaterina Szabo, both from Romania, tied for 1st place in balance beam at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles. Both were awarded a gold medal.

Who was awarded with 1st nobel prize in world?

Frank Gallagher

What was the first prize awarded in the first Olympics?

If you mean what is the prize awarded for coming first in the Olympic games, this would be the gold medal. The medals awarded in each event are: Gold - first Silver - second Bronze - third In the ancient Olympics, winners were awarded a branch of wild olive. Sometimes the government would allow an Olympic champion to live in a special building that was only for distinguished citizens. Other winners would be exempt from paying taxes for winning an event in the ancient Olympics.

Can two people win a gold silver or bronze medal for the same event?

There has been one athlete to win a gold medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. That was Eddie Eagen of the United States who won gold in light heavyweight boxing at the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp and gold in four man bobsled at the 1932 Winter Games in Lake Placid.

Who was the 1st writer in English to be awarded the sahitya akademi award in 1961?


What was Michelle kwans world record?

1st placeMichelle Kwan won:9 - US Championships· 1996 - gold· 1998 - gold· 1999 - gold· 2000 - gold· 2001 - gold· 2002 - gold· 2003 - gold· 2004 - gold· 2005 - gold5 - world championships· 1996 - gold· 1998 - gold· 2000 - gold· 2001 - gold· 2003 - gold2 - Olympic medals· Winter Olympics in Nagano 1998 - silver· Winter Olympics in St. Lake City 2002 - bronze

What is the world record for gymnastics?

1st is tweddle

Was 3rd Lar awarded the Presidential Unit Citation in Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Yes. They fall under 1st Marine Division which was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for OIF I.

Does a 1st offense stay on your record in Virginia?


Who was the 1st one to break Lara's record?

Matthew Hayden..