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Q: What music is played after holland score goal?
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Who did Spain play vs in 2010?

Spain played Holland in the final, they won with a 1-0 goal score.

What will the score be Holland against Spain?

Spain beat Holland by one goal, it was scored by Inesita.

What music is played after the Sabres score a goal?

Currently, the 2010-2011 season, the song is Hell Yeah, by Rev Therory

What goal celebration music is played when Burton Albion score?

Oh wait never mind. It's Tom Hark by The Piranhas.

Who won the world cup in 2010 and what was the score?

Spain defeated the Netherlands (Holland), 1:0 . They played the full regulation time (90 min.) with the score at 0:0, so they played extra time (30 min.). In the 116th min., Andres Iniesta received a pass in the goal box from Cesc Fabregas and shot it towards the bottom left corner to score the winning goal.

How many goals did Spain score in the world cup final to beat Holland?

Spain defeated Holland in the 2010 final by one goal. It was scored in the A.E.T. by Andrea Inesita.

What song is played after notts county score a goal?

Chelsea Dagger

What is the song played after the Detroit Red Wings score a goal?

Hockey town

What song is played when the Blackhawks score a goal or win?

Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis.

What song is played when burnley FC score a goal?

Tom hark - The Pirahanas

Two countries that played in the finals in the fifa world cup 2010?

Spain played Holland in the final, and won by a goal in the a.E.T.

How did Spain score against Holland 1-0 to win the FIFA 2010 World Cup title?

By putting the ball, legally over Hollands goal line.