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Almost any sort of Classical Music really, the steps useddepending on the tempo and style of said music.

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Q: What music do you danse to in ballet?
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Louis XIV ballet?

As the King of France he established the Académie Royale de Danse, the world's first ballet school.

What the name of the classical music piece in the episode Danse Macabre of the show Grimm on NBC?

The name of the music is Danse Macabre by Saint Sean.

What is the French translation of the English phrase 'ballet company director'?

"director of ballet company" is "directeur d'une compagnie de danse [classique]" or "directeur d'une compagnie de ballet".

What sort of music is ballet danced to?

Classical ballet is usually danced to classical music. Contemporary ballet is danced to variety of music.

What has the author Germaine Prudhommeau written?

Germaine Prudhommeau has written: 'Grammaire de la danse classique' -- subject(s): Ballet, Ballet dancing

What is lyrical ballet?

Lyrical ballet is like ballet but dancing and feeling the music.

What is ballet music or ballet?

Ballet Music usually refers to classical music Ballet Music is the music that ballerinas dance to. It mostly consists of piano but can also include harps, flute and violin. Ballet is a very strict style of dance that girls often pursue at an early age. Just letting you know That I dance ballet and I am in a very high grade so I think I know alot about these type of questions. The top answer is not from me.

What sort of music do you have in ballet?

Classical music

What has the author Jean Laurent written?

Jean Laurent has written: 'J'aime la danse' -- subject(s): Ballet

What does ballet symbolize?

ballet can symbolize gracefulness or the music and the art of dancing

What music is used in ballet?

Ballet companies mostly use classical music, but some ballets use more modern music. My studio has done peices to contemporary and jazz songs before, so the music ballet companies use can vary.

What kind of music is used for ballet?

Classical Music

Why is classical music used in ballet?

For the following reasons: * It was the music of the time when ballet was first being danced. Classical music was the "popular" and "cool" music of the time. * It's beautiful songs really connect with ballet. * Even after classical music was not the popular music of the day, everyone thought of ballet with classsical music. * Older ballets were already written to classical music, it wouldn't make sense to rewrite the music for those historic and beautiful ballets.

What is ballet set to?


What is the ballet dance about?

ballet is about expressing feeling through movement, music and costumes.

What is a piano ballet?

A dance (ballet) accompanied by music played by a piano only.

What kind of music is used for performing ballet?

Classical music

What music do people dance to when thy do ballet?

Classical Music

What has the author Jean Georges Noverre written?

Jean Georges Noverre has written: 'Letters on Dancing and Ballet' 'The Works of Monsieur Noverre (Music and Theatre in France in the 17th & 18th Centuries)' 'Lettres sur la danse et les arts imitateurs' -- subject(s): Ballet, Dance 'Letters on dancing and ballets' -- subject(s): Ballet, Dance

What has the author Serge Lido written?

Serge Lido has written: 'Ballet panorama' -- subject(s): Ballet 'La danse d'aujourd'hui dans le monde' 'Ballet' 'Sauts' -- subject(s): Dance, Pictorial works

How did Tchaikovsky raise ballet music to a new level?

Tchaikovsky raised ballet music to a new level with lyrical melodies and rich orchestration.

What kind of music is used in The Nutcracker?

The Nutcracker is an immensely popular holiday season ballet written by Tchaikovsky. Virtually all of the music is ballet music. You might also call it programatic or program music.

Was The Wise Virgins ballet arranged music of J S Bach ever performed as a ballet?

Yes, by the Sadler's Wells Ballet

What type of music was originally used for ballet?

Ballet has always used classical music like today. Usually its a CD if you see a ballet you rarely come across dancers performing to a Live Orchestra;.

In french do you spell dance la danse or le danse?

'la danse' (fem.)