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they dance to Classical Music

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Q: What music do classical ballet dances dance to?
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What music do people dance to when thy do ballet?

Classical Music

Is ballet classical?

Ballet is one of the first types of dance and uses classical music so it is very classical.

What is a ballet?

A ballet is a classical form of dance, or a theatrical performance of such a dance, usually with music and in the form of a story.

Why do ballet dancers use classical music?

A ballerina speaks through her dance without words, and classical music doesn't have words.

What does ballet mean?

to dance A slow, graceful and proper gymnastic form of dance athletism done to classical music.

What sort of music is ballet danced to?

Classical ballet is usually danced to classical music. Contemporary ballet is danced to variety of music.

Is classical music used in ballet?

Um yeah all the time. Yes, classical music is I think the only music used in ballet. For any other question about dance ask me as I am a talented dancer. I specialise in Hip-Hop, Ballet and Contempory.

What sort of music do you have in ballet?

Classical music

What kind of music is used for ballet?

Classical Music

How to describe ballet in a other term.?

It's formalised dance with classical music, teling a story like a play.

What other dances come from the culture of ballet?

Since ballet is a type of dance, there are different types of dances contributing to ballet as well as classical. Here are some different genres of dance: Lyrical: usually known as contemporary dance: a type of genre where you use your body to describe emotions and feelings with the music Hip hop: a fast moving type of dance: the genere where you make things your own in a type of dance usually contributing to fast music Jazz: a smooth & steady type of dance: jazz is usually the type of genre that keeps things fresh a smooth Tap: a clacking genre of dance: tap is where you mostly use your feet (which have tap shoes on) to make different sounds and beats to the music.

What kind of music is used for performing ballet?

Classical music

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