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It has to be not to fast but little bit of slow

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Q: What music can you use for an artistic figure skating program?
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What do you do when you free skate in figure skating?

A free skate program is a program with the elements that are required for the level that you are competing at. It will be given a time range of how long the music can be. It must be to music. It's a long and short program in the olympics.

What is syncronized ice skating?

Synchronized skating consists of a group of about twelve to twenty figure skaters skating on the ice at one time. They work together as one unit. A synchronized skating team performs a program set to music.

What were Thomas Paine's activities?

Thomas Paine enjoyed figure skating, rap music, and golf.

Symphonic poems program symphonies and program overtures are all types of?

Symphonic poems, program symphonies, and program overtures are all types of program music.

Is there any special equipment or a uniform needed in figure skating?

A good pair of skates is the only essential equipment for figure skating. In competitions, costumes-which can vary from very plain to very elaborate-and music are essential parts of a performance.

Why aren't vocals allowed in figure skating music?

Well you see in figure skating when your just doing freeskate you must not have vocals because its just plain out the rules. But their is more than just freeskate, their is Interpretive aka Artistic. Which means you only need one spin and everything else can be creative hand movements and crazy turns. In your Interpretive you may have vocals, well because, that's just the rules

What figure skating music is funky?

I wanna take you away that's a good peace go on youtube type it in and listen to it

Will Synchronised skating be in the Olympics?

Although not called synchronized skating, the pairs competition is just that - two skaters doing the same thing at the same time, judged by their ability to perform at the same pace and display an artistic interpretation of the music.

What equipment is required for a figure skater?

The equipments for figure skating differ. Of course, skates. For the skates you will need guards to protect your blades. If you are planning to compete you will need skates, outfits, music, and lots of support and practice, partner if working with someone, coach, skating rink, and a bunch of happiness.

Rules for 2010 winter olympic figure skating?

Ur music has to be 2 minutes long, NO Falling, no back flips u have to be at least 15 to compete

What regulations do figure skaters have to go by?

The International Skating Union, or ISU, regulates the sports of figure skating and speed skating. In figure skating, the ISU establishes required elements for figure skaters' programs, appropriate costume and music choices, and the scheduling and organization of ISU-sanctioned skating competitions. ISU-qualified judges evaluate skaters' performances, giving them a technical score and a grade for "program components." which was formerly known as the "artistic merit" (or "artistic impression") score. The current judging system is extremely complex, and to the casual fan it is not easily understood. Many TV commentators do not adequately explain the reasons why, for example, a skater can fall and still win a competition. The GOE, or Grade of Execution, is the factor which determines how well or poorly each skater or skaters execute each element. Programs with more difficult content are usually judged higher than those that do not, and they also have a slight margin for error. The ISU handbook for the Technical Panel alone is over 100 pages long. There is a brief version online which includes color photographs for each element as well as detailed descriptions of what the judges are looking for. This is very instructive, and is designed for those judges assigned to count numerous items, including the number of revolutions in spins, determining whether the takeoff of a jump was cheated, whether a lift was held too long and so on. Then it is up to the program component panel to decide on a GOE based on an element's meeting, exceeding, or falling short of its baseline value. The two scores are combined to provide a ranking for each phase of a competition, with the scores from both phases added to form the total score. Figure skating is a closely monitored, heavily regulated sport. Countless other rules and regulations govern figure skating, many of which have nothing to do with what the average spectators see on the ice.

Who invented program music?

i invented program music

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