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All of them. You have to run. You have to jump. You have to have the upper body strength to muscle up to big and bigger guys. You need to have strong hands and arms, too. There is a balance, and you need to apply a wide variety of exercises to your routine to avoid "leaving yourself short" in an area. Best advice is to get some sort of "comparative" physical assessment from a Basketball coach who can tell you how fast you are, how well you move, how good your vertical is and all that. Then target the "weak" areas to muscle up in a way to help improve that. And don't forget your flexibility. If you cannot hold your fingertips on the floor and perform well in some other standard tests of flexibility, you are not flexible enough. Flexibility needs to precede strength training, and follow along with it into the workout room so it can be maintained. Flexibility adds elegance to your movement, and it reduces the probability that you will be injured in activities. It also awards you a general reduction in the severity of injury if that unfortunate event befalls you. Good luck.

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Q: What muscles should you work out if you are a small forward?
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Should you exercise large muscles first or small?

Big muscles first. Because if you do small ones first, by the time you start with the big ones you wont have enough energy. When you work your big muscles first, you use your small ones as well.

What muscles should you work out for free running?

you should work out all your muscles, as if you just work out certain ones, then other muscles may develop problems such as pains and tightness due to not being used while other muscles are being possibly overworked

What muscles should you work out to kick harder?

Lower abs - these muscles provide the motion that swing your leg forward Oblique abs - these muscles provide the motion that twists your hips Quads - these muscles provide the motion/power that straightens out your bent knee All combined, seem to generate the kick motion. You need to work the fast twist muscles (ex. training with fast and explosive reps), to get the whipping action of throwing your leg that will create high speed and high power kicks.

Is is bad for you to work out if your muscles are sore?

To work out sore musecls you set down or lay down, and rotate the arm or leg slowly and not very harsh. You do that for a minute or two the switch and go backwards instead of forward. Do this to your legs and arms whenever they are sore and they will feel better, then lay down and watcha a movie!No, you should not workout with sore muscles. If you work out with sore muscles instead of the muscle strengthening the muscle gets worn down and eventually, without rest, will rip and become worthless for one to two months, depending on how long it takes you to heal. You should devise your workout routine to work arm muscles one day and leg muscles the next, or whatever other thing you want to workout. Just make sure to give the muscles that you just worked out a day of rest and you should be fine.

What muscle groups can you work out with exercise bands?

With exercise bands, you can work out tons of muscles. Muscles that you can work out are arm muscles, leg muscles and back muscles. With leg muscles, you can work out the thighs, and calves muscles.

If you push a box forward and the box moves forward you have done how much work?

You have only done as much external work on the box as the distance it moves: work = force x distance. If it does not budge no work is done on the object. You have done "internal" work on your muscles which converts to heat energy, but technically speaking, no external work is done on the object

How do muscles work when you are jumping?

muscles work my legs

When muscles are at work?

muscles are at work All the time>

What is used to beat the muscles and strengthen horses?

You can use the palm of your hand to do this. Keep in mind you should only do this on the neck and shoulders, to avoid causing any damage to ribs or spine. Do not 'beat' your horses muscles to hard, but a firm, repetitive 'tap' with your palm or flat end of your fist (bellow the small finger) should work.

Why should rest help sports performance?

When you play sport you use muscles. In order for you to be at your best your muscles should be well relaxed so that when you perform/play they can work to the best of their abilities.

If you work out twice a day do you work out the same muscles?

No. Your muscles need time to heal and repair after strength training, usually at least 48 hours. You should not be working the same muscles on back to back days, much less the same day.

What prepares the muscles for work?

A warm up prepares the muscles for work.