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The penile muscles as players hit the puck around with their genitalia

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Q: What muscles does basketball use?
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What muslels do basketball players use in the game of basketball?

All Of your muscles mainly your arm and lg muscles.

What muscles do you use when you shoot a basketball?

You use your calf muscles to boost your energy and you use your biceps to throw the ball in the air.

What muscles do you use while shooting a basketball?

=Is all in the legs!=

What muscles do you use for basketball?

Calves ( Legs ) Biceps/Triceps (arms)

What muscles are being used when you are playing basketball?

You are using your calf muscles and your biceps. You use your tendons and stuff like that.

What muscles do you use when you are shooting a basketball?

You actually use almost all of your muscles. Different shots rely heavily on different muscle groups.

What muscles are used for shooting a basketball?

The muscles used for shooting a basketball are your biceps, triceps, ulna, and metacarpals. Those are just in the arm.

What muscles and bones are used in basketball?

Muscles can be: Calves Quadriceps Hamstrings Biceps Triceps

What muscles contract when playing a chest pass in basketball?

The Intercostal muscles between the ribs.

Were can you find a picture that shows the muscles used in basketball?

There are quite a few different places where you can find a picture that shows the muscles used in basketball. Many charts in basketball books in the library will have these pictures.

What sports use the deltoid muscle?

Throwing a football in a game would use the deltoid muscles. I belive it is used in basketball aswell when playing a shot.

What muscles are used while participating in basketball?

all of them

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