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you use your arms and butt and legs

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Q: What muscles are used in gymnastic activities?
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What is the gymnastic activities?

The gymnastic activities are: Calisthenic Thumbling Stunts Marching Apparatus

What is the gymnastic activities in the form of play?

gymnastics activities in the form of play.

What are faces of rhythmic activities and dances?

the faces of rhytmic activities are the position of arms and feet position of gymnastic

Where is a place to take gymnastics lessons?

you can get lessons at ymca or drop in gymnastic activities there.

How does your everyday activities affects your muscles?


What is the singular form of gymnastics?

The singular form of gymnastics is gymnastics. The word is a collective noun, which is a singular noun that is used to describe a group (in this case, a group of related activities).If you do remove the 's' you get the word gymnastic, which is an adjective rather than a noun: We were impressed by her gymnastic skills.

Do you burn more calories doing ballet or gymnastic?

Ballet because it has more movement. Gymnastic works on flexibility it works out your muscles but it cant change how much you weigh because if you gain muscle mass you still have fat over your muscles so you have the muscle but no one can see them

Are there different types of gymnastics in UK?

Yes. As with other countries there are various types of gymnastic activities in the UK.

The muscles that you control to do activities are?

The muscles that you control to do activities are your voluntary muscles. They allowed you to type this question, to read the web page, and do all sorts of other things.

What muscles and joints are involved in normal developmental movement?

All the synovial joints that are used in normal daily activities, like the muscles and joints of the arms and legs.

A springboard is used in which of these Olympic gymnastic events?


What do muscles help you do?

Muscles help you move around and perform daily activities.

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