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Q: What month is the Grey cup played in?
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In what building will the 2012 Grey Cup game be played?

The 2012 Grey Cup was played in the Rogers Centre, Toronto.

How many times have they played for the grey cup?

The game in 2012 was the 100th Grey Cup game.

What is the date of the 2009 Grey Cup game?

November 29th Grey Cup is usually Played the last Sunday in November.

In what country did they play the gray Cup Game?

The Grey Cup Game has always been played in Canada.

What is the Canadian Super Bowl trophy called?

The grey cup....

When and where was first grey cup played?

It was played on Toronto's Rosedale Field on December 4, 1909. Thirty-eight hundred fans came to watch. The Grey Cup was not actually presented after the game (won by the University of Toronto) as Earl Grey had forgotten to order the trophy to be made.

What is the name of the trophy given to the winner of the Canadian Football League?

The Grey Cup

When was Grey Cup created?

Grey Cup was created in 1909.

When did Grey Cup happen?

Grey Cup happened in 1909.

What team played against Montreal Alouettes in 2009?

For the Grey Cup they played against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, which they won.

What is the big prize for the Canadian hockey league called?

the big prize in Canadian football, is called the Grey Cup.

What years did Edmonton Eskimos win Grey Cup at Home?

Edmonton hosted the Grey Cup in 1984, 1997 and 2002. The Eskimos only played in the 2002 game but lost to Montreal 25-16.