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The Australian Open is held in January, during the middle of the Australian summer.

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Q: What month is the Australian open?
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What month did the Australian tennis grand slam?

The Australian Open is the first slam of the year, taking place in January.

Which grand slam event is held in the month of January every year?

Australian Open

Which is the 1st month of the Australian summer?

December is the first month of the Australian summer.

Is the Australian open indoors or outdoors?

the Australian open is outdoors unless its not weather permitting and you know the Australian open is tennis right?

What turf is used in the Australian Open?

The courts in the Australian Open are made our of rubber.

When was Australian Open - golf - created?

Australian Open - golf - was created in 1904.

When was Australian Goldfields Open created?

Australian Goldfields Open was created in 1979.

When was Women's Australian Open created?

Women's Australian Open was created in 1974.

Which country host Australian Open?

Australia hosts the australian open. It is one of the four grand slams. Australian open is the firs grand slam of the year.

Did Kim Clijsters win 2003 Australian Open?

No, Kim Clijsters did not win the Australian Open in 2003. She won the Australian Open in Women's singles in 2011. She did make it to the Quarterfinals in Doubles at the 2003 Australian Open. Serena Williams won the Australian Open in 2003 beating her sister Venus Williams in the final.

When did maria sharopova win the Australian Open?

Maria Sharapova won the Australian Open in 2008.

The Australian Open tennis tournament is held in which city?

The Australian Open is held in Melbourne, Australia.

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