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Boxing doesn't really have a specific season time, it can go on all year round.

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Q: What month does the boxing season end?
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What month does the boxing season start?


What season do you play boxing in?

you play boxing in summer

When does the 2009-2010 English premier league season end?

The English E.P.L season will end in the month of may 2010.

What month is wet season in Philippines?

Rainy season in the Philippines usually start on the second week of July and end before the month of November.

How many months are in a season?

There are three months per season, though seasons do not start and end at the beginning and end of a given month.

What season is May 2016?

It is Spring now, and Summer at the end of the month.

How long is boxing season?

Boxing is not a seasonal sport. boxing shows can be held any day of the year.

When does boxing season start?

Boxing is not a seasonal sport. boxing shows can be held any day of the year.

What season is boxing played?


What is the season in the month of April?

spring in the northern hemisphere to march and to June that's when it end's

Which month or season did Hades take Persephone?

The season Hades claimed Persephone became the end of summer and the beginning of autumn/winter.

When did Boxing From Jamaica Arena end?

Boxing From Jamaica Arena ended in 1949.

What season is it in London in the month of August and September?

It would be towards the end of summer - leading into autumn.

When was the 1980 NHL Entry Draft?

At the end of the 1979-1980 season in the month of June (1980)

What month does season 3 of H2O just add water start?

it starts at the end of may

What is the best month for rainy season?

the end of Autumn and through Winter maybe the beginning of Spring

In what month is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is on 26 December unless it falls on a Sunday, then it is observed on 27 December

When does amateur boxing season start?

September to about may

When did Boxing From Eastern Parkway end?

Boxing From Eastern Parkway ended in 1954-05.

Can boxing end in a tie?


What season is the month of May in in Mexico?

The month of May is in the spring (primavera in Spanish). In northern Mexico there are more 'seasons' so Spring would be the season for the month of May. However, in southern Mexico, nearer the equator, there are wet and dry seasons because it is more tropical, therefore it would be near the end of the dry season there.

When does hunting season start in Alberta?

Around the end of September--I believe it's a month earlier for bow-hunting.

What month does spring season end in Australia?

Spring in Australia officially ends on 30 November.

How many days are in a season on Pokemon black?

A season is a month every month it changes so it the day of what month it is in real life

When does the boxing day sale end?

i don no