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Usually early April or late March.

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Q: What month does the baseball season start?
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What month does baseball season start?

It depends on if you're talking about Spring Training or the regular season. Spring Training starts in late February and the regular season begins in April.

Mumbai monsoon season start in what month?

The month of June

What month does the boxing season start?


What month does autumn season start?


In 2009 when did the fall season spring season and summer season start in what month?

July july1st

How long is pre-season in baseball?

its about 1 month

What month does UK soccer season start?


What month does monsoon season start in mumbai?


Will there be a fifth season of ghost whisperer?

Yeah the 5th season will start on 25th of this month.

What month is wet season in Philippines?

Rainy season in the Philippines usually start on the second week of July and end before the month of November.

What month does baseball start?

Baseball's regular season usually begins in the beginning of April and ends in the beginning of October. Occasionally it starts at the very end of March, and occasionally it ends at the very end of September. The post-season is in October, and sometimes early November.

What month does us soccer season start?

In England August.

When baseball season start?


When does fantasy baseball start?

Usually at the beginning of baseball season.

What month does professional baseball start?


When do basketball season start?

Fall of each year. Pre-season games begin in the month of October.

What month in 2010 did Smallville start?

Smallville started its last season, Season 10 in September of 2010.

When basketball season start?

Fall of each year. Pre-season games begin in the month of October.

When is lacrosse season start?

The college lacrosse season started a week of two ago. The highschool season has not yet started and will in about a month

What month will season 2 of house of Anubis start?

in augest may be

When is the start of baseball season?

End of March

What month does fall start in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a tropical country. Indonesia only experience 2 season. Hot season and rainy season. But not fall.

When does the baseball season start?

1st April 2065

When does 2008 baseball season start?

April 3

When does kids baseball season start?

it starts October