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the angels

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Q: What mlb team has the best winning record against the Yankees since 1964?
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What was the New York Yankees worst record?

In 1912 when the team was called the Highlanders, the team record was 50 - 102. for a .329 winning percentage. Since the team was named the Yankees in 1913 the worst season was 1913 with a record of 57 - 94 for a .377 winning percentage.

What is the New York Yankees all time won lost record?

Since the franchise began in 1901 the Yankees have 9,575 wins, 7,294 losses for a .568 winning percentage.

What is the dodgers all time winning record against the Philadelphia Phillies?

Since 1901, the Dodgers have won 1059 and lost 829 games when playing against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Which MLB team has best record since 2010 all star break?

As of August 25th 2009: the St. Louis Cardinals are 24-12, which gives them the best record in the majors since July 15th. As of August 27 2009: The NY Yankees have the best record and winning percentage since the All-Star Break (W28 - L11 % 0.718) - As of September 8th 2009: 1. New York Yankees (39-13, 0.75%) 2. St. Louis Cardinals (34-15, 0.69%)

What major league baseball team has the best winning percentage since 2000?

New York Yankees.

How many times have the Yankees gone to the World Series since 1983?

7 TimesThe New York Yankees made it to the World Series 7 times since 1983, winning 5 and loosing 2.

New York Yankees all time record vs Baltimore Orioles?

As of 9-14-09, the Yankees have played the Baltimore Orioles a total of 2076 times. Of these, the Yankees have won 1222 games and the Orioles 828 games. That's a .593% winning record for the Yanks. During these games, they also scored a total of 10288 runs and allowed 8449.

Where are the Bengals ranked in win percentage against the rest of the nfl since 1970?

Since 1970, the Bengals have a total record (regular season and playoffs) of 293-369 for a .440 winning percentage. This ties them for 26th with the Cleveland Browns. Only the Saints (.436 winning percentage), Cardinals (.411), Buccaneers (.403), Lions (.400), and Texans (.362) have a lower winning percentage.

Since the year 2000 what is the redsox vs yankkes record?

In a year by year breakdown, 2009 Red Sox 8 Yankees 0; 2008 Tie at 9 wins each; 2007 Red Sox 8 Yankees 10; 2006 Red Sox 8 Yankees 11, 2005 Red Sox 9 Yankees 11; 2004 Red Sox 11 Yankees 8; 2003 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2002 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2001 Red Sox 5 Yankees 13; 2000 Red Sox 6 Yankees 7.

Do the NY Yankees and the LA Dodgers have a rivalry?

It's more of a postseason rivalry since the Yankees and Dodgers have faced off in 11 World Series since 1941. The Yankees won eight of the Fall Classics against the Dodgers.

Since 2001 how many World Series have the New York Yankees won?

Since 2001, the Yankees have won the World Series 1 time. That was in 2009 against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Which team has the best record in ncaa history?

The University of Kentucky Wildcats has the best winning record in NCAA history, with a 1876-577-1 record since 1903.