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Q: What minor league team did huey Lewis play on?
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Did Huey Lewis play at Antones in Austin Texas?

Huey Lewis never played at Antone's in Austin, Texas, but the venture has featured a Huey Lewis tribute band several times.

What musical instrument does Huey Lewis play?


In what play did Huey Lewis make his Broadway debut in?

Chicago In 2006, Huey Lewis made his Broadway debut in the six-time Tony award-winning musical Chicago, starring as attorney Billy Flynn.

What play did Huey Lewis make his Broadway debut in?

I don't think he has yet. He will later this year. In "Chicago".

Can a president of a minor league baseball team umpire the games?

it depends if they have children who play in the league

What minor league team did Mickey Mantle play for?

Joplin miners

What minor league team did Steven Strasburgh play for?

Syracuse Chiefs

Did Mark Signorelli ever play minor league baseball?


Can you play with minor league teams in mlb the show 09?

yes you can.

Did Mark McGwire play minor league ball in Idaho?

Mark McGwire did not play minor league ball for an Idaho team. He played with the Modesto A's of the California League in 1984 and 1985, the Huntsville Stars of the Southern League in 1986, and the Tacoma Tigers of the Pacific Coast League in 1986.

Can a person with felons play major or minor league baseball if there good?


When did the American league start play?

The American League was founded in 1894 as a minor league and was known as the Western League. The name was changed to American League for the 1900 season and it remained a minor league. The American League declared itself a major league in 1901 and has been a major league ever since.