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Q: What minor league team did Michael Jordan play on?
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Did Michael Jordan play Major League Baseball?

No Michael Jordan did not play major league baseball, he played for the White Sox minor league

When did Michael Jordan play minor league baseball?

Birmingham barons

What position did Michael Jordan play in Minor league baseball?

Micheal Jordan Played Right Field.

What minor league baseball team did Michael Jordan play for?

In 1994, Michel Jordan played for the Birmingham Barons, a Class AA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox.

What minor league of basketball team did Michael Jordan play after his retirement after his retirement from basketball?

he didnt btu he later became owner of charlotte bobcats

When did Michael Jordan play with the Scottsdale Scorpions?

Jordan played in Scottsdale during the 1994 the Fall League.

Did Michael Jordan play in any major league baseball games?

No, Jordan only played in the minors.

What 3 sports did Michael Jordan play?

He played Basketball as well as Baseball and League

Why did Michael Jordan go play baseball for a while?

Michael Jordan's father was murdered when Jordan was about 31 years old. His father had long dreams of his son becoming a major league baseball player. Attempting to purse his father's wishes, Jordan sign to the minor leagues with the Chicago White Sox, that was owned by the Bulls owner as well at the time. Later Jordan played on two other minor teams before returning to basketball; his true passion.

Did Michael Jordan play in Major League Baseball?

No. He played for the Washington Wizards and the Chicago Bulls in NBA.

Who has played two professional sports?

Michael Jordan, basketball and minor league baseball. Michael Jordan's golf career was fictional in the movie Space Jam, however, he does play in celebrity charity tournaments every so often. Also Bo Jackson. He Played Pro Football and Pro Baseball.

What team did Michael Jordan play for in baseball?

The Birmingham Barons, the White Sox AA affliate in the Southern League.

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