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Q: What minimum distance can you get Fromm a navy vessel?
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What minimum distance should you come near a navy vessel?


What is minimum distance must be maintained from a US Navy boat in texas?

100 yd

What is the minimum distance must be maintained from any US naval vessel?

Normally it is required that personnel do not live farther than 50 miles away from their duty station. YN1(SW), USN Do not approach within 100 yards of a U. S. Naval vessel. If you need to do that to ensure a safe passage you must contact the naval vessel or its Coast Guard escort on VHF channel 16. Do not proceed without clearance. You must operate at minimum speed within 500 yards of a U. S. naval vessel and proceed as directed by it or its patrol.

What minimum distance in yards you must maintain from a US Navy boat?

500-1000 yards depending on tonnage and captains maneuvering space required

When does a Navy vessel dip its ensign?

In return to this form of salute

What Navy vessel had to lower its flag in order to raise it?

All of them.

What is the navy minimum wage pay?

about $18,000 just for going and joining the navy

What does LSTmean in US Navy?

Landing ship tank-type of vessel

What is the meaning of USS in navy vessel?

It stands for United States Ship

When does a US Navy vessel dip its ensign?

In return to this form of salute

What do naval mean?

"Naval" means about, or things relating to, the Navy. For example, "Naval officer", an officer in the Navy. "Naval vessel", a Navy-owned ship (generally a warship).

What rank is a navy engineering officer?

It depends entirely on the size of the vessel and power plant. For nuclear vessels, the minimum rank requirement is Lieutenant Commander. Smaller vessels with conventional power can use anyone from a Petty Officer to a Lieutenant.