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not wood

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Q: What minerals are in a basketball goal?
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How many feet away is the basketball field goal?

Theres no field goal in basketball.

What are the objections of playing basketball?

Basketball goal kobe bryant basketball

What is a basketball goal?

goal? as in hoop? To stand straight and 10" tall, and be round so the ball can go in it.

What are the objectives of play?

Basketball goal Kobe Bryant basketball

Where do you get a replacement handle for a lifetime basketball goal?

hoop not goal

If goal tending is illegal what sport is that?

in basketball it is illegal to goal tend.

Will 2 professional basketball go the a basketball goal?

That question makes NO sense

What is the height of a basketball goal in NCAA men's and women's basketball?

10 feet

How long should the basketball goal should be?

If you mean 'how high should a basketball goal be?. It should be 10 feet from the floor to the top of the rim.

How much is a goal worth in basketball?


Where would a pro basketball player train?

in a high school on a basketball team or in a gym or a home on your basketball goal

What is the rqdius of a basketball hoop?

The inside radius of a basketball goal/hoop is 9 inches.