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Astral drive junior high

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Q: What middle school did Sidney Crosby go to?
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Where did sydney Crosby go to school?

where did Sidney go to school

What school did Sidney Crosby go to?

Sidney Crosby attended high school at Harrison Trimble High School in Moncton, New Brunswick. He graduated in 2005.

Where did Sidney Crosby go to school?

Shattuck St Mary prep school in Minnesota

Does Sidney Crosby have Twitter?

Yes he does go to: I <3 Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby go to college?

Sidney Crosby did not go to college, He is 22 years old (when i answerd this question.)yours to answer, Ben Sophathis is wrong....sidney crosby did not go to college and there is no way he was 22 when you answered this because he is only 21 right now. his birthday is 8/7/87 putting him at 21 on august seventh of 2008.sidney crosby is 22 now

What year did Sidney Crosby go into the NHL?

2005-2006 was Crosby's first season

Does Sidney Crosby go on facebook?

Yes he dose

Where will Sidney Crosby go after the Stanley cup finals?


How could I get Sidney Crosby's signature for free?

there is not real way you can get a free signature by Sidney Crosby unless you go to the traning camps and try to get him to sign your stuff.

Did Sidney Crosby go to high school in nova scotia?

he went to high school at harrison trimble high school in moncton new brunswick, after he left shattuck-saint Mary's in minnesota.

Is Sidney Crosby Scottish?

Sidney Crosby did not go to University, so he didn't graduate. But, if you want to know which High School he went to, he went in Nova Scotia. ....... he went to shattuck St marys in Minnesota...

When did Sidney Crosby go in the hall of fame?

sHe pooped while skating once