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Q: What methods did coach carter use to motivate his players?
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What does a soccer coach do in his job?

Set the tactics. Tells the manager the buy certain players. Coach. Motivate.

What is needed to be a coach?

A coach must be able to motivate his or her players and be understanding of the player limitations. He or she must have a depth of knowledge and/or experience in the game itself.

How do you write the word coach's in a sentence?

The players did not like the coach's methods of training at first, but they soon saw the benefits.

What are the strengths of coach carter in the movie?

Coach Carter has always supported the cause of right to education and better education. His goal is not only to get the players to respect and believe in him as coach, but to respect and believe in each other and themselves and this is how they will gain success in their future.

Are football coaches the number one reason for winning a game?

A football coach has never scored a point nor made a tackle. Games are won by the players. It is very important to have a coach that can motivate and devise strategy, but the players are the ones that decide who wins and loses.

Who is the author of Coach Carter?

Jasmine Jones is the author of Coach Carter

What does a baseball coach contribute to his or her team?

A baseball coach is someone who acts as an assistant to a baseball team's manager and assures that the team is smoothly run. They must work with the team practicing and perfecting their techniques, help decide which players to use during games, and motivate the team players.

When was Coach Carter released?

Coach Carter was released on 01/14/2005.

Who are characters from the 2005 film Coach Carter?

Coach Carter is a 2005 American sports drama film centered around the character of basketball coach Ken Carter. Carter is portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson.

Who played coach ken Carter in the film coach Carter?

Samuel L. Jackson

When was Coach Carter Impact Academy created?

Coach Carter Impact Academy was created in 2009.

How much money did Coach Carter gross worldwide?

Coach Carter grossed $76,669,806 worldwide.