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Silver Gilt

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Q: What metal is the Wimbledon Mens Trophy made of?
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What is the Wimbledon trophy made of?

The Wimbledon trophy is made of sterling silver.

What is a trophy made of?

It can be made of any metal, gold or sliver or crystal.

What is the champions league trophy made of?

it is made up of breakable metal

Do they get to keep the Wimbledon trophies?

The winners of Wimbledon do not get to keep the trophies they are presented with but instead get to take home miniature replicas. The Men's Singles Champion is presented with the Gentlemen's Singles Trophy a silver gilt cup with a cover. This is the exact same trophy presented to the first ever winner of this particular tennis tournament back in 1887. The Women's Singles Champion is presented with a silver salver referred to as the "Rosewater Dish" or "Venus Rosewater Dish". This trophy was made back in 1864 by Messrs Elkington And Company Limited based in Birmingham and cost 50 Guineas (£52.50) to be made.

What are the Wimbledon lines made from?


What is the Super Bowl trophy made of?

The Super Bowl trophy is made of sterling silver.

What is the Wimbledon tennis court made of?


What is Wimbledon tennis court made of?


Where is BCS trophy made?

it is made in Ireland.

When was the World Cup trophy made?

It was made for the 1974 world cup. as Brazil kept the 1970 trophy.

What type of court is used for Wimbledon?

According to the Wimbledon website (refer to the link, below), as of June 2009, the grass courts at Wimbledon are made of "100% Perennial Ryegrass".

Where was the World Cup trophy made?

It is made in France.

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