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There have been 7 undefeated NCAA men's Division I Basketball champions:

1956 San Francisco Dons (29-0)

1957 North Carolina Tar Heels (32-0)

1964 UCLA Bruins (30-0)

1967 UCLA Bruins (30-0)

1972 UCLA Bruins (30-0)

1973 UCLA Bruins (30-0)

1976 Indiana Hoosiers (32-0)

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the last one was the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers

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Indiana 1976

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Q: What mens basketball teams went undefeated in the history of NCAA and in what years?
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What teams went undefeated in the history of NCAA and in what years?

12 teams have gone undefeated with Indiana the last in 1976 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (took national title as well) Here's your answer: 12 teams have gone undefeated with Indiana the last in 1976. The Connecticut Lady Huskies went undefeated last season. The 2008-2009 season as well.

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