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The most wins in a single NCAA season is 37* - UNLV, Duke (twice), Illinois, and Kansas.

37 - Duke, 1986 (37-3). 37 - UNLV, 1987 (37-2). 37 - Duke, 1999 (37-2). 37 - Illinois, 2005 (37-2). Kansas, 2008 (37-3) & National Champions

Kansas now claims the most wins in a Season, with a National Championship. Previously, each of the teams with 37 win seasons had failed to win the National Championship in their record season.

Really weird when you think about it.

*38 - Memphis, 2008 (38-2) Memphis' record 2008 season with 38 wins has been vacated by the NCAA for numerous rule violations.

*Note: Until it is OFFICIAL, Memphis will still hold this record. The University of Memphis is appealing the decision, so until all that is settled, the 38 wins is still it. IMO, if Duke didn't have to vacate it's wins and Final 4 in 1999 with Corey Maggette ADMITTING to taking money, then why does Memphis? Because they are in a non-BC$ league, that's why.

*Note: It is OFFICIAL. The wins have been vacated and Memphis is currently trying to get them back. **Derrick Rose was not an eligible player and there for should not have played for Memphis in the 2007-08 season. Any game he played in should have and was ruled a loss for Memphis.

**Derrick Rose was not named as the player who didn't take their own SAT but is the only one that fit the criteria given. 1. Freshman During the 2007-08 season 2. Only played one Season at Memphis.

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Q: What men's college basketball team has the record for the most wins in a single season?
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