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Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson won a total of four gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, including a gold medal in the balance beam. She retired from the sport in June 2012, just before the Olympic Trials for the London games.

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Q: What medal did Shawn Johnson win in the Olympics?
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When did Shawn Johnson win gold at the Olympics?

Shawn Johnson won her gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Bejjing on balance beam.

Did Shawn Johnson place on bars and vault?

No, those were the two events Shawn Johnson did not win a medal in at the 2008 Olympics.

What event did Shawn Johnson win a gold medal in?

balance beam

Who was the first American woman to win four medals in an Olympics?

Shawn Johnson

How many awards did Shawn Johnson have?

how many awards did shawn johnson win

How many gold medals did gymnast Shawn Johnson win in the 2008 Olympics?

She won one for the balance beam.

How many gold medals did Shawn Johnson win?

She won the gold medal on balance beam- the only gold that she won.

Who is the first ever Punjabi to win medal in Olympics?

abhinav bindra is the first Punjabi to win a medal in Olympics

What did Shawn Johnson win in the Olympics?

She won a gold on the balance beam, a silver on the floor, team final, and all around.

What do the winners win if they win the 2012 Olympics?

a medal

How many medals did Shawn Johnson herself win in total at the olyimpics?

She won the silver team medal, all around silver medal, balance beam gold medal, floor exercise silver medal.

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Does the head coach win a medal in the Olympics?


Did Shawn Johnson win Dancing with the Stars?

Shawn Johnson was the winnner of Dancing with the Stars, US season 8.

Did Jet Li win a gold medal in the Olympics?

he never was in the olympics

What did Tom Daley win in the 2008 Olympics?

Tom didn't win a medal in the 2008 Olympics.

Does fourth place at Olympics win anything?

Fourth place in an Olympics event does not win a medal.

What medal did Shaun White win at the olympic games?

Shawn white got a gold medal

How did Shawn Johnson become famous?

Shawn Johnson became famous in gymnastics by competing in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing china. There she went on to win the title and take home the silver all around metal, plus she got gold on beam

How many medals did you win in the 2010 Olympics?

India did not win even a single medal in the 2010 Olympics!

What do you win if you win the Olympics?

a gold medal if you come first, a silver medal if you come second and a bronze medal if you com third.

What countries did not win a medal in the 2012 Olympics?


What do the Olympic get for a prize?

If you win the Olympics you get a medal and a certificate.

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Who is the First Indian woman to win bronze medal in Olympics?

Karman Malleswari was the first Indian woman to win a bronze medal in the Olympics when she medalled in the Women's 69kg category in Weightlifting at the Sydney Olympics and she is still the only Indian Woman to medal at an Olympics.