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Stop watches to measure time, tape measures to measure distance, and an anemometer to measure wind speed for Track and Field events.

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Q: What measuring tools do sports officials use?
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The most common measuring tools used in the kitchen are measuring cups and measuring spoons.

What measuring tools does a mechanic use?


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Rulers? .... :]

Why is necessary to use measuring tools in measuring length of an object?

It is necessary because measuring tools help you measure the length of an object accurately.

What are some tools that are used in the metric system?

It depends on what you are measuring you can tell me or let me know what you are measuring and I will tell you the tools to use for it.

What tools do tailors use?

What tools would the tailors use in colonial times? They would use scissors, needle and thread and measuring devices, such as rulers, measuring tapes, etc. .

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The tools used for measuring are many things. You can use Meter sticks Rulers Yard sticks and ECT.

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THe khrum!

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Measuring tools: Ruler or Protractor .

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Marked jugs and sized spoons.

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bob says hey

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Chefs use the following tools almost everyday: spatula, whisk, wooden spoon, measuring cups, measuring spoons, sifter, and rubber scrapers. There are more complex tools but these are the basics.

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Laser measuring tools are easier and quicker to used than rolls of measuring tape. One also does not need to use a pen and pencil to mark measurements.

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32-1-101 use and care of hand tools and measuring tools

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No devices use for measuring in math. In math we cannot measure we just calculate.

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DOghaerrog;y eg;ba'pgh9 7aeh9paerg

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Graduated cylinder

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In measuring matter scientists use many tools including balances.

Tools that scientists use in science for measuring?

they use millillitter and litterthey use millillitter and litterthey use millillitter and litter

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Geographers use a lot of tools like the compass and the measuring tape. You have to list the tools for me to choose which one is not used by the geographers.

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They mainly use radar to show movement of weather systems.

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Some of the measuring tools we use in sewing include; a tape measure, ruler, yard stick, hem stand, hem measure and seam measure device.

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Anyone who measures things and anyone who receives information concerning measurements made with tools.