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A camera and someone who has very good eyes with a white and red flag to signal a scrtch or a good jump.

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Q: What material is attached to a long jump take off board to ensure that the athlete does not step over the board?
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What material is used before tiling a tub surround to ensure no water damage?

The material that is used before tiling a tub surround and ensure no water damage is known as concrete backer board, sometimes referred to as green board.

What is a small piece of semiconducting material on which integrated circuits are etched?

A printed circuit board. abbrev- PCB. A PCB is thin copper attached to a non-conductive material. No, a printed circuit board is not a semiconducting material. Integrated circuits are created on a substrate, usually silicon or sapphire.

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Puck board can be painted but the actual type of paint required varies based on the material used. Generally a high quality enamel is required to ensure the paint sticks properly and remains in place.

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a daughter board is a smaller board usually attached to the main or motherboard

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It is a process used in the making of printed circuit boards. A protective material is used to cover the traces that you want left on the PC board. The board is then submerged into an liquid that will etch the unprotected copper off of the board. This removed material then becomes the space between the protected material that you want to use for current caring traces to different components on the board.

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Emery cloth is a flexible material like cloth and emery board is a solid board.

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That would be the mother board.

one big circuit board to which many smaller circuit boards are attached. This is called?


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I am going to board the plane upon passing the full body scan to ensure I have brought no nuclear weapons with me.

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gypsum board

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