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Q: What material can a torch casing be made of?
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What material can a be torch made out of?

a torch can be made from wood and plastic

What material is best for a car subwoofer to be made out of?

It will be made of many components the casing material will not matter much.

For which kind of material is the Bemis Humidifier Filter made for?

The Bemis Humidifier Filter is made from a number of different materials. It contains They are housed in a plastic casing but the main material of the filter is wick.

What is the torch made of?

The high quality aluminum alloy material and frivolous hollow plastic parts design.

Is torch a material noun?


What are the main material used to make a battery?

a car battery is made of a plastic casing, lead plates and a sulfuric acid/water mixture

What is the purpose of using a plastic casing?

The purpose of using a plastic casing depends on what product the casing is for. Generally plastic is used because it is a very versatile material that can both protect and look good. Plastic is also easy to color and a relatively cheap material.

Can I only use a cutting torch for metals?

A cutting torch can be used on any material though it was made mainly for cutting metals. The heat generated may damage other materials such as wood or plastic.

What is the outside casing of boudin made from?

Natural casing which is most common is made from pig intestines which has been flushed throughly. They also have synthetic casing though.

Why Metal casing for tea kettles?

Metal casing on kettles is common. Metal casing is desired on anything to put on the stove. This is because the material conducts heat so well and efficiently stays warm.

What material is a cool box?

Usually polyethylene (casing) and polyurethane foam (insulation).

What was the ancient greek olyimpic torch made from?

the original olyimpic torch was made from wiker and reeds