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That was the 2005 London Marathon which she won in a time of 2:17:42. She explained that she was losing time due to stomach cramps and thought if she urinated she would be fine.

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Q: What marathon did paula Radcliffe stop for a pee?
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Yes, at the 2005 London Marathon. After the race she said she was having cramps and the only way she could finish was to relieve herself, which she did on the side of the circuit in front of the crowd and television cameras at about the 22 mile mark. She apologized and said it was the same condition that hit her at the 2004 Olympics in Athens where she dropped out of the race. She must have known what she was doing because she won the women's competition at the 2005 London Marathon in a time of 2:17:42. It was her third win in the London Marathon. Paula Radcliffe didn't have a poo during the London marathon. She stopped for a wee.

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