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Ted Drake was the manager at the time of Chelsea winning their first league title back in the 1954 - 55 season.

The next two top league titles came under the management of José Mourinho, with Chelsea securing them in the 2004 - 05 and 2005 - 06 season.

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Q: What manager led Chelsea to the First Division championship?
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Who is Chelsea's first manager?


Who was the first Chelsea football manager?

It was John Tait Robertson!!!

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On paper, Chelsea are better than Nottingham Forest. Chelsea boast of many trophies and their place in England's first division Nottingham are still in the 2nd division and don't have as many trophies as Chelsea. But it is up to you to decide who is better.

Who won all English league?

Wolverhampton wanderers have won: First Division second division/championship Third Division/north Fourth Division

Who was the first manager to get sacked in premiership 2012?

Andres Villas-Boas, managing Chelsea.

Who were the founding members of original first division?

Manchester utd Chelsea reading bury..........

First manager of Chelsea football club?

John Robertson managed the new Chelsea FC from their foundation in May 1905 to October 1906.

How many premiership goals have cheslea scored in the prmier league?

Chelsea have won the premier league twice; 2004/05 and 2005/06. They also won the First Division championship (the forerunner of the premier league) in 1954/55.

I derek smethurst the first African to win a European soccer championship with Chelsea 1970-71?

yes he is

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Who was Chelsea fc first manager?

It was John Tait Robertson from May 1905 to October 1906.